I hope.

I hope you’ve smiled TODAY
I hope You find your peace.
I hope your mother don’t forget.
To make your favorite meal.
I hope Your boss respect your work
And treat You as his son
I hope your doing well.
Even If I know you’re not.
I hope your sister understand.
How much You wanna be a better one.
I hope She told You :Don’t be drunk.
Will be alright , for now.
I hope your girlfriend loves You more and more.
And dreaming be your wife
I hope You love her too
I hope,but Am I right?
I hope You forgot about me.
When they told You They saw me with mister right.
I hope You remember me.
I hope ,even you’re not.
I hope your life be good.
Your parents never die
I hope You find You peace.
And smile when You gonna think at past.

I hope to remember.

I hope to forget.

It’s autumn Baby,

But summer memories in my head.


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