We are Angeles with a bad karma.
We ask,we fight  for a better one
We Baby,we are sinners with one desire
To be loved by our loved ones.

We are demons with a good karma.
We ask for a bad one.
We need to cry more often.
With fire tears over a burning life.

We are humans with no karma.
We are asking for Something to come.
We Have no power
Because power equals God.

We are kids with no mother.
We are scared by this cold world.
We need hugs ,we need answers
When we feel so Alone.

We are stars above the infinity.
We are here for a lifetime.
We are loved by the holy spirit.
We can’t See,but we are.

Mira .

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  1. We are stars falling from the sky to earth,a mixture of water and dead matter. devoid of the power of the Holy Spirit, weary travelers to Heaven’s gate…
    Eternal Blessings, Dear Beautiful Souls, Mira & Irina

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  2. „We have no power, because power equals God.” „To be loved by our loved ones” These specific lines cut deep. I relate to them I feel the pain the frustration, the anger and hope at the same time 😢

    I love your piece. Thank you

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    1. Awww, thank You so much..but pain means healing and we can’t see the sun ,without a Little rain,right?!I am glad You liked it, and I want You to know that nothing is Forever,not even this pain You feel right now.Life is about moments..and proof that we lived are the memories we left behind us.Thank You so much!!!!!🌌💖🙈😳👐

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