From spring .

Love me as I am
Take me as You want.
They told me how to quit
But I learned How to rise up.
Above the stars ,I feel alive
Thanks for the moments was enough
I leave to find another me.
This one has been too much for me.
No coming back,no Memories left
You had your shut,You wouldn t care.
I need to go,I stayed enough
You told me we never fall apart.
But your lies were my truth
I trusted  somehow in You.
Goodbye for good ,My dear one
You came into my life to learn me how to Fly..

Spring time  ,flowers everywhere
Your name is right belong my name
Hey You ,soldier from the war
How much it takes to come along.
Tell me a story about your fight.
Let it bleed all around the ground
I need a drug ,to stay alive
But You were my favorite one.
Advice me ,Tell me ,who I am.
I know I was your Little one.

From spring,to winter.

From hello to Goodbye

From night to the day..

From love to hate.

From Angeles to demons

There are just moments,only That.


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