To my ex.

To my ex.
I hope you’ve been happy,I Know You were..since You’ve been gone ,I am changed a lot .
Remember me?Cause I remember You ,I remember I trusted You and You ..You let me down.I remember I loved You but that changed .. If You wonder how I ‘ve been without You,Only thing I can say it’s : Ok!I Know ,I acted so weird to your words,Cause I couldn’t believe ,that You don’t love me at all .Remember dear ex how much I cried?So many tears,so Little love, so many white nights.Well, I Guess that means to trust and love someone like end up doubt your life,your dreams ,your goals..your memories!You know..I want You to see how hard was for me..I deleted photos ,I have read evey single massage of You and I just cried ..
I deleted You from my phone memory ,but I didnt deleted from my heart. You still there..With your memories and lies,and trusted me dear ex ,You changed me a lot .
You passed ,but You still mark me somehow,sometimes It’s like..You never were gone,but then I see You living another life with another girl ,and breaks my heart to see how fast things happens in your life.
But…I am moving by day You are less in my mind and more in the past. You are now my past.
Dear ex,I hope You re happy in your dream world,and I pray for You to never wake up from this dream , because it will Hurt .I am gonna hurt you as much as You did once.
When You’ll find out,you lost me it will be the worst nightmare for You. And. .I don’t want You to feel all the pain I felt when I lost You.
You wanna know ,why?
Because :I am strong ,you’re weak.
You cant handle my lost And I will not be able to help with that
You had me, trusted me ,when I Say IT.
You had me ..once..but You were so blind by lies and your ego .. .and You lost me .
My dear ex,for your good please don’t wake up from this fake dream you’re dreaming right now.
I Only exist there.
In real life I am gone for a while and I am still going .
Far away from You, love ,I find a better version of mine.
I am good ,even You ‘ve never asked me.
I am going now…well I Guess that’s means to love someone like You.
Thank you so much for never loving me,now I Know that Love means trust, loyality freedom ,wine ,and 2 of us,Love is there..and I will find it..You were just a piece of love ,maybe that’s why you were gone to soon.I am good now,even You ‘ve never came back..I am good and I will be alright,one day,when your shadow will became my shadow but I am gonna hide after that same sun that blinds You in the winter day.

I am good ,even You have never asked me .

But please don’t wake up.

You ‘ll find out You lost me,even now You don’t know yet.
Your ex Little love,

19 gĆ¢nduri despre „To my ex.

    1. Yes,but we have to fight for women rights ,no one has the right to make us feel insecure and desvalue as person.I wrote this for every girl who didnt has the courage to tell about violence in every single form..thank You for Reading..šŸŒŒšŸŒŒšŸ’–šŸ˜‡šŸ˜‡

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    1. Yeah ,You are right ,but when I write I heal myself and I can see the bigger picture..I realize that people comes and go..even their leave makes us feel insecure and bad, life goes matter how.. thank you sooooooo much for Reading.I lost him but I found myself..šŸŒŸāœØāœØšŸ˜±šŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆšŸ™ˆšŸ˜±šŸ’–..

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