The ghost.

I see you there,Alone in the crowd
You can’t see the way I smile to You
You have my picture in your car
The one we made on night before september 22
I coming to your way ,I see You all Alone
You talking with my ghost,and trust me I can hear You.
I am talking and replying too
Thou You can not hear me.
Late in the night I open your heart
So carefully so You can sleep.
I put my love and I go out
Before the moring ,so I can skip
Don’t ask me where am I
Don’t ask me where I wanna be
I am right by your side.
Only your heart ,She can see
The way I cry when you’re crying too
The way I smile when I see how childish You can be.
Last night I went to your dream.
Remember the way We kissed
No last Good-bye ,It’s so boring
But Only a summer afternoon
Tell me a story while I am going
I don’t promise I ‘ll coming soon
Dance ,sing along with me.
The song You sent that night to
my person
„I run to You”
So You can run to me.

Miss me.

Regret me.

Cry me.

Love me.

Hate me.

Sing me.

Poetry me.

Drink me.

Wear me.

Paint me or not.
But, most important:

Let me be the ghost by your side.


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