September ,be my all !

September,be my all,my dream,my pain,my love,my mine..It’s hopeless,I am hopeless,but I am standing still!Your Sundays ,your songs,your wind,your nights,oh..Yeah..your nights,those nights,when all You want It’s a good movie,and a good reason to go on!Late ,It’s late,maybe I should hate You for taking away my summer ,my afternoons,but september..I love You !Even You mean end ,even you are the nostalgia of so many hearts!I know ,that You already know You are loved..But,In your way,stop a Little ,just a second,to see the summer while She says Good-bye!Maybe you’ll cry,or laugh ,or regret !She is gone,but not Forever..Can you be a good one?Are you able to delete all the bad memories and to make new ones? Waiting to see how good you could/couldn’t be!

Away ,far away .

Somewere I don’t belong

Right now , someone Waiting for me..

I am not sure If I’ll go..

Away ..far away .

My Star shine when You look at here..

She can Tells You:I am fine..

September be my all!

Away far away.

I see your tear,I watch you cry.

I am gone Forever and I ll drive..

Away from your heart,used to be mine.

Away far away .

But not away for too much.


7 g├ónduri despre „September ,be my all !

  1. Nicicând o inima ce din iubire bate,
    de cel îndragostit nu-i prea departe,
    caci dragostea învinge chiar si moartea
    e ste puterea care-ti confera libertatea…

    O seara sublima cu inima de iubire plina, Suflete frumoase, Mira & Irina !

    Apreciat de 1 persoan─â

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