Liebster Award,May 17 ,2019

Dear ones,right now,We are more than happy…. because we were nominated for another award by a very good blogger and such amazing friend.. you so much for made us thinking ..that ours articles really matter for You… So.. Let’s goooooo!

Rules :

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger gave to you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who deserve the award
  • Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer
  • Let them know they’ve been nominated

11 Facts About Us:

1-I can cry so easy,because I am such a sensitive person…(Mira)

2-I like so much to eat ice cream..a lot:))(Irina)

3-I miss a lot my childhood…(Mira)

4-I love everything be clin(Irina)

5-I am afraid of spiders…If I see one,I am about to pass:))(Mira)

6-When I was a little girl I loved the animated pokemon series!(Irina)

7-I am a dreamer…(Mira)

8-I love Istanbul..(Irina)

9 I have a dog named:Prieten(Buddy)(Mira)

10-We loveeeee the coffee….

11-We have a garden full of flowers!Our friend’s questions!

  1. If you had to change one thing about your and my blog, what would it be?
  2. We wish to write much often .but time is not our friend..:)
  3. What do you wish you knew before you started blogging?
  4. We wished to knew more about how to post and edit the articles ,because we had no idea when We started!
  5. Do you reread your posts?
  6. From now and then..Yes…
  7. What’s your favourite cuisine?The roumanian one,but…
  8. We have tasted a lot of cousines like italian ,asian food;etc..
  9. What to you is an ideal birthday gift?
  10. Our birthday is coming soon (June,3)so good question:))but We never exepected something from anybody..We just want silence and love.. a lot of love!
  11. What’s your favourite song?My favorite song at this moment is The one that got away (Cristina Grimmie ‘s cover)(Mira)and Cry-Kazka(Irina)
  12. Are you sick of anyone or anything?
  13. We are tired of being confused:)))
  14. In 7 words, describe the first thing you looked at this morning.
  15. Morning-Alarm-coffee-breakfast-canto-Work-sleppy!
  16. What’s your goal for this week?
  17. Ours goal is to finish everything We want…and go to canto hours…
  18. Have you ever cheated in a test?
  19. Yeeees just Once….but We started to laugh louder and he understood what happend!:)))
  20. What musical instrument you wish you could learn to play? (If any)
  21. We got a guitar….so we wanted to play better…And We also loveee the piano!!

We have Once question to all of You out there!!!What is your favorite memory from your childhood??We don’t nominated anybody. So anybody can answer to this question…😉
Thank you so much for Reading!

With love,

Mira & Irina 💗💗

23 de gânduri despre „Liebster Award,May 17 ,2019

  1. Congratulations Mira and Irina ❤ !! Hmm favorite childhood memory… Ohh well. i love portraying a princess!! hahahah😂😂. picking flowers around, eating ice cream, playing hide and seek during full moon, and hide seek still after schools.. 🙂 😀 I also do acting! hahhah!!. ooh.. that's a happy moments during childhood! ❤ .. I play piano and guitar..but not that good.. 🙂

    Apreciat de 2 persoane

    1. Wooow,Flor…You got so many beautiful memories about being child…so nice from You to share a part of them to us… Thank you so much,Flor… maybe one day ,someone will give us a time machine so we can go back to our childhood…but till then.. We have just the memories…Hugs from Romania!!!😘💗💗🙈🙈😊😀😀


  2. Congrats Girls. I also did watch the pokemon series when i was a kid and I also easily cry :).
    My favorite childhood memory is when we didnt own a TV yet, my dad and my uncle used to drop my 2 brothers and I at my aunt s place every sunday afternoon. They take turn to carry the 3 of us on their back and shoulder 🙂

    Apreciat de 2 persoane

    1. Thank you so much….great memories…You have a beautiful family …I think every memory from childhood has a nostalgia…so thank you sooooooo much,for ?shared with me and Irina!💗!!Hugs and Kisses….You are greeeeeeat!!!!😘😘😊😊😀😉💗

      Apreciat de 1 persoană

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