All is vanity!

It s all vanity ,outside ,inside
it s all vanity in souls and hearts
It s all vanity in dark and light
It s all vanity ,and baby so I!
It s all vanity to live and to die
it s all vanity to scream and to shut
It all vanity to be more than I am,
It all vanity ,so keep up for me!
All is vanity so let me,be me!
All is vanity so you can be me
All is vanity so be strong..
All is vanity ,so please stay with me..


62 de gânduri despre „All is vanity!

    1. Daaaa,doar pentru faptul că totul este vanitate, trebuie sa prețuim mai mult iubirea..cred că totul se poate prăbuși dacă nu ai ceva mai presus de tine in care te poți încrede și anume:iubirea! Și Dumnezeu!O zi minunata!!👐👐😘😘💕💙

      Apreciat de 1 persoană

      1. Welcome!! you penned it perfectly!!
        my newest post appear in a side bar of my page. 🙂
        you can see newest tweet also.
        hope that our fellow poetess /writer will read it and visit your page too!! 🙂 ❤ ❤
        Keep it up!!

        Apreciat de 2 persoane

    1. Thank you so much,for me vanity is like ego…I think every person has some ego..and I write All is vanity remind me…that everything can brings You down If You don’t have somthing higher to believe in..

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      1. That is so beautiful for a young person. Oh yes : ego, vanity, intellectual pride are such a hindrance in our spiritual journey. I have suffered and I have learned.
        Love is all there is. And God loves humble souls.
        All the very best in your journey. Love and blessings

        Apreciat de 2 persoane

      2. Thank you sooooooo much..wish You all the Best,and no matter what..keep God first!!We don’t have a soul ,We are a soul ,with a body…If We realize,that this life has a reason ..We can find in ourselves the peace we need.. and we don’t need too many things…We just need silence and love!!Have a great day!God bless you!!!

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