Curiosities about Mira&Irina!

Hello,world!It’s Saturday,a very Sunny day,so we thought about playing a little game with you, it’s about finding things that you may not know about us until now … and now you can find out … Do you join our game? If yes, then leave a comment on things that you want to know about us, and you’ll find out! This will be a very funny game!

With love,


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      1. Mă bucur că aţi publicat ceva al vostru…eu încă mă zbat să găsesc o editură.Vă doresc succes şi chiar să câştigaţi şi din blog.

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      1. Hmmmmm ,the best thing about having a twin sister is the fact you can share all the happiness,and all the pain,you can share clothes, make-up,etc!The worst thing is that people think that we are one person which is wrong because we have different hearts and minds…another thing:People staring of us when we go on streets,parks,etc!!!💖💖

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    1. Well,first of all, since we were kids we used to write lyrics for our mom,and then we grew up and the life made us to write almost every single day..So we wrote a book with poems,people liked it,so we decided It’s time to make somthing more than that!!We created this blog to share emotions with beautiful souls as You!

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      1. awww, sounds like a wonderful story, so your mum is an artist, a singer or what?I have always dreamed about writing a book but never decided about what it would be about, it s so cool to have someone who shares vision :-). wishing you all the best for all the great things that will come 🙂

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      2. Wow first of all, we thank you so much…no ,our mom has a wonderful voice, but sings only at church..we also loveee music and her dream for us is to make music…because she couldn’t.. so we want and dream about that every second..but is a rough way…We keep the faith that one day be on stage and sing..till then we write .we put our heart in every single lyric…🌌🌌👐😘:-D

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